Geo-Marketing: Enabling location infused
data in your research study

Why use geo-marketing data?


Often an overlooked metric in research study, more than 80% of the study conducted has geographical content infused in it. Geo-marketing can help you pin-point these variations so that you can better respond to them. Using geo-marketing you can rightly identify your target areas and specific sectors.

At I-Apac Online, we extract, analyze and curate location specific information for better understanding and added value to our research products.

Target specific areas based on geo-marketing
data of your responses.

Geo-Marketing Solutions

Location verified surveys

Want to gather location information or check out if the survey is completed on the location you intended? Wait no more, using mobile location enabled surveys you can conduct and collect respondent's responses without worrying about the authenticity of the responses received.


Have you ever thought about conducting location based surveys? Well, now micro-fencing/geo-fencing turns this into a possibility. Using micro-fencing/geo-fencing we can push location-based surveys to respondent's mobile device once they reached our set vicinity.

The 'Where' part!

Using geo-marketing analysis, you can easily determine the where part of your data which is critical in regional and international success. Whether you are looking where to find your target customers or where to expand the business, geo-marketing can help you achieve those goals.

Target areas

Analyses of regional market potential

Sales area planning

Location & expansion planning

Retail real-estate consultancy

Target group localization & segmentation