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About Us


I-Apac Online is an emerging player in online sampling for surveys and mobile research. We started a humble beginning providing only a handful of online services that have now extended to a portfolio of a multitude of services including Online, Mobile, Geo-Marketing, Analytics and more.

We have conducted a great deal of research in many Asia-Pacific countries and have acquired the necessary expertise to conduct successfully in the developing markets of Asia-Pacific region.

Meet Our Team

Chandra Shekhar


Chandrashekhar Singh is the founder of I-Apac Online, an online research company under the Centaur Research Group. His vision of making online and traditional research simpler and easier across the Asia-Pacific propelled him towards the foundation of these companies.

A true visionary and experienced veteran in the market research field. He has helped a number of Fortune 500 companies gain marketing insights that helped them grow spontaneously. You can reach him out at the given contact details —


Chanx Singha


I am the one who handles all things tech in here.
Basically, my job is to keep the servers, the frontend and backend infrastructure alive and working. In the event of downtime, I'm the one who bears all the brunt of fixing and making sure that everything works fine without any hiccups.

I have been conferred the degree of B.Sc in Computer Science and have been programmatically living for the past 8yrs. I have deep knowledge of both Front End and Back End languages which includes(JavaScript, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby On Rails, Django .etc). Meanwhile feel free to interact with me at the pull of this handle

Arjun Singh

Lead Project Manager

Arjun is the lead project manager of I-Apac Online. His works include acquiring new project leads, managing project workflow, communicating and collaborating with clients and teams alike. He is responsible for development in project-related aspects. His advanced skill and experience in managing and leading lots of projects in MNC companies have provided him the valuable expertise that makes him ideal for the job role.

He completed his Masters in Business Administration from IIM Calcutta.

Lipika Gohain

Senior Business Leader

A woman with a genuine understanding of a customer's yearning. Her work includes understanding the customer's issues, behaviors and devoting quality time finding solutions so to make the experience a very delightful one that you can enjoy or probably enjoying now....

Achieved her Masters in Marketing from IIM, Lucknow. She is an avid fan of Manchester United FC.

Lee Jung

Senior Research Analyst

Loves data crunching as much as he loves his faithful Rider. His work includes developing, analyzing and curating custom data sets. His work experience of 10 years enables him to amplify solutions according to the requirements. He is commonly associated as the R programmer in our team.

He holds an MS degree in Statistics from Bangalore University. While his love for analyzing and recording data is profound, he is also very fond of his pet dog Rider and occasionally goes on a trip to a distant place.

Jessica Yang

Panel Manager

She is the Panel manager of I-Apac Online. Her job role is to identify popular categories, target growing niche categories and create strategies for recruiting new panelists. She makes sure that every panelist is up to date and are being managed properly. She regularly takes feedback from panelist and also keeps them informed of the latest happenings.

While she is not working, she keeps herself busy exploring new ideas and methods on how to better improve and efficiently manage panelists.