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Data Analytics


Demand for data analytics and data-driven research is pretty hot stuff these days. With the boom in Big-Data research in corporations and business, data analytics has taken a new shape of its own. The need of understanding consumer's behaviors, actions and to correctly analyze hidden patterns, correlations and to predict future actions to make more meaningful experience for your consumers drive the unprecedented growth in data analytics sector.

At I-Apac Online, our data analytics team helps you in exploring, data acquiring, preparation and data visualization using our advanced tools so that you can competitively stay ahead in the market.


Make meaningful business decisions leveraging the power of data analytics.

Key benefits of data analytics

Dialogue with customer

These days customers are very smart and they do not take buying decision quickly. They tend to look around a lot before they buy, share with their friends, posts on social network .etc. Big data can immensely help you in these situations. Using big data you can talk with consumers, ask for any services they might like based on the topic they posted in their social network and you can start a strong dialogue from the perspective of consumer.

Perform risk analysis

Your company's success doesn't depend on how well you run a company, social and economic factors are also crucial as well. Predictive analysis powered by Big data helps you to predict and scan upcoming trends in the industry so that you can permanently keep yourself up to the speed on the latest developments in your industry and market. Likewise, predictive analysis can help you spot your company's weakness and strongest point and accordingly help you fix the problem before it gets overwhelming.

Offering tailored services

In our highly personalized world, what would it be like if you can track user's behavior and accordingly suggest the right option? Well, predictive analysis and machine learning coupled with big data can help you achieve those complex human behaviors. Using predictive analysis and machine learning we can record the way a user browse through the pages, the pages with the most time spent on, the frequency of browsing .etc, these along with powered by the unfettered big data information we can reasonably predict the future course of the user.

Faster and better decision making

For the most of the time, analysis has always involved in the attempt to improve decision making. Most of the large corporations and organizations are seeking for both faster and better decisions and they are finding it with the use of big data. With the use of Hadoop and in-memory analytics, we can greatly speed up the use of big data from other traditional analytic models.

New products and services

With the increasing success of big data in online space, new methods are being devised to use big data and related analytical tools & methods to create new products and services in offline space too. Using the big data information of a particular client like social network activities, browsing habits and various other user related information like their shopping preferences .etc, you can create a customized product based on their profile which can dramatically lead to higher customer retention.

Cost reduction

Given the higher cost in using traditional analytical method, nowadays more and more company are switching towards big data as an add-in method that complements their existing analytical method. With the higher volume, variety, and velocity of data coming in, Big data analysis helps us to uncover hidden patterns, consumer behavior and various analytical set-pieces that can help you increase the revenue streams and tailor the services and products according to your customers' requirements.