POWERR SAMPLE is the proprietary name of I-Apac Online sampling methodology. Our samples have to undergo stringent quality testing before being deployed into the field. We understand the importance that sample planning plays in the research process and work with the clients to ensure that we deploy the sample when and as required.

At I-Apac Online, we take serious steps to make sure that every sample we provide is of high quality and to detect any overlaps in sample waves for each project so as to ensure reliable and duplication free responses before the start of the project.

Advantages of POWERR SAMPLE

Quality assurance

Quality of POWERR SAMPLE recruited panelists is assured by our stringent level of checks for respondent information including demographic information, e-mail's provided .etc. We verify the validity of every user's mail id or phone number whichever is applicable. Our samples are highly active users logging in around 2-3 times a day.

Accurate deployment

Deployment process of POWERR SAMPLE samples is simple and free from unnecessary sample wastage. Our team will work with you and understand your project requirements carefully before deploying the sample so that you can achieve 100% accurate and complete responses.

Deep sampling

POWERR SAMPLE samples contain in-depth demographic and personal information. If you are looking to conduct deep sampling where you can extract as much information as possible then power panel sample are an ideal choice for you. With loads of deep information available, Powerr Panel sample will surely help you to extract the insight information you are looking to get your hands on.

Duplication protection

POWERR SAMPLE recruited samples are free from duplication. We regularly conduct de-duplication checks so that every sample is unique and error-free. Our de-duplication mechanisms look for various metric to identify similar respondents and filter for unique respondents.

Large panelbase

Whether you are looking for sample criteria ranging from general populations to more niche category like loan managers, start-up teams, investment bankers, sport players .etc, our huge number of POWERR SAMPLE users makes sure that none of your criteria is left out and you get the exact result that you're looking for. Just contact us and specify your project details and target sample group, our team will get into action and make the sample ready to deploy ASAP.

Fast turnaround

POWERR SAMPLE users are highly active user logging in around 2-3 times a day. With such high activity and a large number of sample users, we can guarantee fast turnaround times for any study type even in hard-to-reach areas. Now you can expect your survey results to start receiving not within weeks or days but hours.









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