Mobile research: Changing the way
you collect actionable data.

Mobile Market Research


It's no secret that these days mobile are more powerful and expected to grow even more in the coming years. With the increasing number of smartphone penetration and number of consumers, shoppers and business people using mobile device, mobile market research is no longer just an interesting experience, it's the new way of life for market researchers.

The ability to capture in-the-moment data of consumers and recording lengthy and extensive diaries tracking user's behavior and opinion, mobile research has presented an entirely new way of research not possible effectively before.

At I-Apac Online, we constantly work towards the goal of making Mobile research an easier, time-saving, user-friendly, cost-effective and best research solution.

Key Benefits


Mobile Marketing Research offers a lot of new benefits than the traditional research methods. Please select on the right to know more


Realtime data

Diary Studies

Mobile Tracking

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Surveys

Our mobile surveys enable you to conduct research and collect respondent opinion while on the move. Using mobile surveys you can get the results instantly, you can even include location information to verify the authenticity of the results which is not possible in traditional and online surveys. Target hard to reach and highly mobile consumers using mobile surveys and capture their valuable feedback.

Mobile Diaries

What if you need detailed diary events of respondents behavior and opinion that they experienced over a period of time? Don't worry, our mobile diary software delivers exactly what you are looking for - a tool that can record users posts, images, videos, and audios over a period of time so that you can analyze their changing behaviors and opinion patterns.

Mobile Tracking

Looking to conduct tracking studies for your brand? Using our mobile brand tracking software you can effectively analyze your brand awareness, customer's changing perception of the brand, monitor customer satisfaction, study customer's sentiment and assess the effectiveness of particular advertising campaign over a long period of time.