Asia Pacific Online Research Done Right

What We Offer

I-Apac Online is an international online market research firm offering a host of latest and traditional services that could serve as a standalone or integrate with other aspects of your research studies.


Who we are

I-Apac Online is a team of highly talented and creative people working with a goal of solving the common business problems in exploring markets and launching new products & services.

Our History

I-Apac Online was founded in 2010 by the founder of Centaur Research. A seperate entity since July 2015, the company is now fully owned by Centaur Research though the entire operations are still unmerged.

Our People

Our people are the most important asset of our company. They are involved in the strategic planning, direction and execution of almost all of our day to day activities. Without them I-Apac Online will never be as strong as it is today.

Our Values

Our company values are our tenets and religion. We value priority and quality in the first place. We have centered our working style towards providing top-notch quality results with a feasible budget for all types of research buyers


Why you will need us

Our team of expert advisors and competent professionals will help you navigate through the complex geometry of the market ecosystem and provide you with useful insights that will help you to make your business stand out from your competitors.

Dedicated teams

We have one of the most fastest turnaround times and our dedicated teams are always ready to help you in any kind of study you are looking for. Be it consumer or business oriented, our team never fails to satisfy your need in a timely manner.

Quality of data

Our high grade and unparalleled data quality makes us one of the top online market research company. We invest a great deal of time and work to assure quality in data and turnaround times.

Latest tools & tech

Our team uses the latest tech & tools to conduct your research in the most effective manner. It helps us to reduce the time taken on individual or collaborated study and also allows us to explore new opportunities and apply new methodologies.

Large panelbase

We have one of the largest panelbase in Asia-Pacific region. Our panelists are selected using a multitude of methodologies to verify their identity and ensure each and every survey is taken by the right respondent.